Cream and lip balms


Delicate night creams and lip balms of macerated flowers of St. John's Wort ,immortelle, lavender and hemp with beneficial effects on the skin and lips with olive oil and all edible ingredients from organic farming.



• Ingredients containing creams and lip balms are organic and can be used by those with the most sensitive skin, prone to irritation and allergies

• The ingredients were not treated with high temperatures and preserved all the active material in its most natural form

• Creams and balms for the lips do not contain artificial flavors and colors

• Besides beeswax, all the ingredients are of plant origin

• Not tested on animals

Beauty products created from the longing for pure products that people long used without chemical preparations. The emergence recipe comes as a combination of the traditional medicine with herbs that Mother Nature gives us with which co-exist with organic farming.

St. John's Wort (St. Mary's Wort)

img1img1When a plant bears the name of Our Lady, or St. Mary's, then you can be sure that it is deserved. Plants dedicated to her have almost maternal activity, and St. John's wort stands out above them all.

What should we think about a plant that not only nourishes the skin, relieves aching joints and muscles, but also helps the psyche of a man dejected depressed various hardships?

St. John's wort is more than antidepressants. Oil macerate is used for the healing of the skin and with painful muscles and joints, a floral water ingredient is fine natural cosmetic products for skin care.

Some of the more important characteristics:

Used for healing scars,
• as a first aid for burns of the first degree,
• in burns from sun,
• infections of the skin and mucous membranes,
• pain in the spine and muscles


img1img1People's has always been fascinated by one plant, a source of beauty and eternal youth in the Mediterranean. Of course, it's about immortelle.

Macerate of immortelle is popularly used for making balms that have served to stop bleeding open wounds and to tighten loose skin.

Some of the more important characteristics:

• Rejuvenation
• Stimulates circulation to the skin
• anti-inflammatory
• It has a strong effect on the reduction of wrinkles and prevent the formation of new

Macerate of immortelle smeared around the eyes before sleep helps in avoiding swollen eyes and dark circles, also great for mature skin because it has a gentle anti-aging effect.


img1img1The ancient Romans bathed in scented baths in which they added lavender oil. They used dried lavender in church services and at birth.

It's healing abilities were used in mitigating interference in breathing. Lavender were also useful during the First and Second World War, where it was used as a remedy for pain and with bandaging wounds as protection against infection.

Some of the more important characteristics:

• Steadily softens
• Soothes skin irritation
• It absorbs moisture from the air and keeps it in the skin
• useful for treating acne

Lavender macerate relaxes and soothes irritated skin.


img1img1The hemp cream and lip balm will provide you the most sensitive skin complete nutrition, optimum moisture, intensive care and extra protection.

Some of the more important characteristics:

• formulation rich in vitamin E
• excellent for regeneration and skin renewal
• suitable for sensitive skin
• provides intensive care skin and makes it elastic
• restore the skin's moisture and freshness
• protects against premature aging
• nourishes and protects the skin from external influences
• supports the natural defense mechanisms of the skin

Hemp oil nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids, vitamin E and sterols, and gives the moisture to your skin, protects, restores and makes it elastic, soft and smooth.


Tasting of any of the products, you will sail in a magical harmony of primeval taste olives. Take your time and enjoy every moment! smajlic