About us

The company “Jurin dvor d.o.o.” was established in 2005 with agriculture and tourism as its core business. In 2006, the company launched a project aimed at founding olive groves on a purely organic basis and was entered into the Register of Producers of Ecological Products. It is a fully privately owned business, which is duly incorporated and operates in the hilly and highland area of the municipality of Šestanovac in the Split-Dalmatia County Jure and his family grow and take care of each olive tree as a family member, with love and care, creating them the best conditions for healthy growth and development. The results of many years of effort are reflected in the full range of organic products of superior quality from the family garden. An area of 7.5 ha at present covers 1,700 olive trees, which with its fruits allow family farm to process healthy and ecologically produced foods and natural cosmetics for you.

All products are manufactured and packed with lots of love and attention, and with no additives, dyes and preservatives.